See our birds of prey up close and personal with our one-2-one experiences

  • Bird of Prey Experience

    With 30 Birds of Prey here at Sharandys, having a Bird of Prey Experience with us means you will spend time meeting and handling a large selection of Birds, even our Eagle called “Saxon”, You will have the opportunity to fly a Harris Hawk for yourself and also experience the power of a Falcon feeding from your glove. THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR EXPERIENCE

    All Experiences and Courses are run on a 'One 2 One' basis only!

    £95.00 (for 1 person) BUY NOW

    £130.00 (for 2 people) BUY NOW

  • Hawk Walk

    You will experience an unforgettable 50-60 minutes of wonder and exhilaration as the Hawk flies to and from you, demonstrating its mastery of the air, it’s thrilling manoeuvrability and its incredible speed. Minimum age of 10 years applies to this experience.

    £55.00 (for 2 people) BUY NOW

  • Hawk Walk Special

    We will set off across the beautiful open countryside. Your Falconer will coach you on how to release and call your hawk back. You will then experience an unforgettable 45 minutes of wonder and exhilaration as the Hawk flies to and from you, demonstrating its mastery of the air.

    £89.00 (for 2 people) BUY NOW

  • Owl Experience

    Owls have always been one of the most popular and well-loved of all Birds of Prey. This course allows you the opportunity to encounter some of these beautiful and majestic birds. We currently have twelve different species of Owl that you will have the opportunity to meet and fly here at Sharandys. This experience last for approx. 1 hour.

    £99.00 (for 2 people) BUY NOW

  • Falconer Experience

    With this Experience you will receive a brief but informative introduction to falconry and the Harris Hawks that you will be flying. These are the world's only social raptor and are perfectly suited to working with the public. You will then be immersed in the world of Falconry, carrying out duties including: Learning the Falconer’s knot, picking up and tethering a Hawk on your own AND MUCH MORE. (minimum age of 13 applies to this experience)

    £99.00 (for 2 people) BUY NOW

  • Falconry for Kids

    At Sharandys, we have decided to offer an opportunity for children to also enjoy the wonder of Birds of Prey. We now offer the wonderful chance for younger enthusiasts the experience the hands-on thrill of meeting these amazing and magnificent birds.

    £45.00 (for 1 child) BUY NOW

    £65.00 (for 2 children) BUY NOW

  • 5 Day Course

    This is a five-day Hawk Management course for complete novices and for those requiring more experience. It is designed to take you through all you need to know for owning your first Hawk or Owl.

    £600.00 (for 1 person) BUY NOW

    £900.00 (for 2 people) BUY NOW

  • Apprenticeships

    The Apprenticeship Scheme gives you the opportunity to attend Sharandys Birds of Prey on a regular basis over a 6-month period. This is based on 24 full day sessions (one per week). Days can be suited to your work or family commitments. You will work alongside the Sharandys team and gain valuable experience from professional Falconers at a private Falconry Centre.

    £1,250.00 (for 1 person) BUY NOW

    £1,750.00 (for 2 people) BUY NOW

  • Stoop to the Deluxe Day

    For the Ultimate Experience with us why not go that bit extra and join us for a full day, your day will involve meeting many of our Birds and holding them while we tell you all about the species, after that we break for a light lunch or Cream Tea, then we take you in to our hospital unit and show you what’s involved with our rescues and treatments, then you will be taught how to tether a Hawk for yourself and shown how we fly a Hawk free, but this time you will be flying the Hawk for yourself, our turn to come and watch!

    £189.00 (for 1 person) BUY NOW

    £250.00 (for 2 people) BUY NOW

Here at Sharandys Birds of Prey, we pride ourselves on running exclusive, one-2-one Experience Days and Courses for that PERSONAL Bird of Prey Experience (you will NOT be part of a group and we are NOT open to the public, so you can be assured of a private Bird of Prey Experience with us. Choose from one of our courses shown below and you will have a complete ‘Hands On’ experience, you will have the opportunity to handle, meet and fly these magnificent Birds of Prey.

What Happens Next

You will receive an email from us asking for the names for the voucher and your postal address, You will then receive your experience voucher through the post, Once the person/people have received their voucher then they have a full year in which to use it, All details and information about how to do this will be sent to you with the voucher.