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Saxon, one of our magnificent Eagles.

Where your adventure begins...

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Cobweb, our beautiful Barn Owl will fly into your wedding ceremony, on command, with the rings and delivery them to the person of your choice, this can be the Best Man, Groom or even the Bride.

With over 15 years experience delivering the rings we can guarentee your guests will be amazed.


Please contact Sharon at Sharandys to discuss you wedding requirements.


Care Homes

We have more than 15 years experience visiting care homes and are very experienced in dealing with people with Dementia, we are great with the residents and extremely sympathetic to their needs. We give them as much time as they need to enjoy our Owls.

Talks and Displays

Fetes and Fairs

We are available for daytime and evening talks, we bring a selection of Birds of Prey to your venue and also offer a flying display in your village Hall.

Displays are also available for your event from a small display to a large display.

Sharandys Birds of Prey offers a full range of Bird of Prey displays which includes Owls, Hawks and Falcons. We have many options and will accommodate your event where possible. You can choose from one of our biggest displays which includes 12 birds right down to our smallest display with just 2 birds. 


For prices and to discuss your event please contact the office on 01460 65445


We have been visiting Schools for may years and we are very happy to cover any age group.  We will custom the visit to suit the age group of your school. The school package can be for an hour or you can have us all day so that all classes get a chance to hear and see these amazing birds. There will be a talk, flying display and of course the pellet dissection where they can learn what prey has been caught by the Barn Owl that has produced the pellet.

Please call 01460 65445 to discuss your requirements.

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