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Raptor Rescue

For local rescues or advice please call 07753144407 or 0146065445

Sharon and Matt have been rescuing wild birds of prey for over 20 years and in that time they have managed to rehabilitate many birds back to the wild. 

Sadly this can be costly and as there is no funding for this they rely on the kind generocity of the public to donate any amount to help. They cover Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Hampshire and whatever the cost they will do what it takes to get them back to where they belong.

What is Costs us!

Although we are very fortunate to work with the best Raptor Vets and they donate their consultation time free of charge, there are many things we still have to pay for i.e Xrays, medicines, injections, dressings, medical equipment, heating and of course food.  This doesn't include our time or fuel when we go and collect the birds.

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Injuries we find...

The main 2 reasons for rescues are either starvation/dehydration or a trauma/wing break.

If it is starvation and we can rescue the bird early enough then we can nearly always save it and return it to the wild within about 2 weeks.

Wing breaks are harder, if they cannot be repaired then the kindest thing for the bird is to be put to sleep, if it can be repaired, then we WILL pay whatever it cost for this to be achieved. This can cost in excess of £1000

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